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My Experience of BritMums Live 2015

Last month I attended my first blogging conference, BritMums Live, the UK’s biggest social media and blogging event. Held in the Brewery in London and spread over two days it was a great chance for the blogging community to come together, mingle, share inspiration and attend the various workshops and sessions. I had previously written about my excitement at attending BritMums Live but was it how I imagined? Here’s a list of my highs and lows of the event. 


Local Sponsors
After some to-ing and fro-ing with several companies I finally secured two local sponsors at the last minute. I was very pleased with full sponsorship and the fact that these are local companies is a bonus. It proves it’s never too late to get sponsorship!

It was lovely to hang out with local bloggers. This included Catherine at Mama vs Teacher, Lauren at Belle du Brighton, Chelle at The Mumington Post and Claire at Brighton Mums. I had met most before and it was lovely to catch up with them again. We managed to get a fantastic group photo of Brighton (and Sussex based) bloggers, a lovely memento from the day. 

Sussex based bloggers

Being Inspired
Over the two days certain bloggers really stood out for me such as Hayley Goleniowska from Downs Side Up, who I saw speak in several sessions. The ‘Digital Activism: Shaping the world we live in’ session opened my eyes to what some bloggers write about and how campaigning on certain issues can have a huge impact. It made me think more about writing my refugee camp experience which I must really get on paper (or screen)! Overall, it was nice to see such a diverse range of bloggers writing about issues they are truly passionate about.

The Best Sessions
There was a good range of sessions at Britmums Live. Along with ‘Digital Activism’, my other favourite talks were ‘Your Child’s Digital Footprint’ which looked at the dangers and consequences of putting our children online, ‘How to be a Social Media Manager’ and the bigger sessions in the main auditorium with Carol Smillie and Caprice.

Business Inspiration
I was also hugely inspired by Kate Hardcastle on her talk, ‘Breaking Boundaries with Insight and Passion’. I’d never thought of myself as a business women because my career took me down a different route but since blogging I’ve had some ideas about freelance work. Watch this space, haha! 

Guinness World Book of Records
Before attending, we all knew there would be a world record attempt but had no idea what that would involve. Our task was to wrap as many people in toilet paper from head to toe in just three minutes. And we passed! We’re all World Record Holders!

During our Guinness World Record attempt

Keynote Speakers
The keynote speakers were right at the end of the two day conference. I had heard this was a highlight and it was. But I have to say there were some readings that were so heartbreakingly sad that most of the audience were in tears. They were in my mind for days/weeks later.   

Food & Venue
The food was very tasty and there was an abundance of wine! I did have a glass or two but with a cold felt like passing out afterwards!

Cuddles with gorgeous baby Arlo (BelleduBrighton) and Catherine.

Goodie Bag
I had heard bloggers mentioning the goodie bag before the event but wasn’t prepared by how big it would be! I also picked up a whole range of books, beakers and other goodies from the brands so had a lovely selection when I returned home. 


Not My Usual Self
I had quite a cold at Britmums Live, the type where you just feel exhausted. I hadn’t written about it at the time but was also going through a separation and that had taken its toll! I decided to have a bit of a break from blogging on my return hence the delay in writing this post. 

More Focus on Writing?
There was a lot of emphasis on working with brands and increasing SEO or social network followers but perhaps there could be more focus on the writing side of blogging such as improving writing skills or a discussion on what we write about and why? 

A Big Group of Bloggers is Scary!
I like socialising and enjoy meeting new people. However, seeing a bunch of ‘pro-bloggers’ huddled together is a strange thing and quite intimidating. I’m sure they are not that scary but it definitely helps knowing people before you go or planning to meet people once you arrive.

The keynote speakers were at the end of the conference and I was surprised to see so many people leave prior to this to go home or catch flights so the room really emptied out. I think some kind of shuffle is in order although not sure how exactly.

Room Space
Some sessions were oversubscribed so people ended up sitting on the floor, squashed at the back or not able to get in at all. Perhaps pre-registration could be used so the popular sessions are allocated to the bigger rooms?

OVERALL EXPERIENCE: So there you have it: nine highs and five lows so my overall experience was a positive one. Would I go again? Yes, I definitely would and I’m already looking forward to the next blogging conference, Blogfest! :)

Thanks very much to my lovely sponsors, Mrs Robinson’s Store and Green Frog Botanic.

Did you go to Britmums. What was your experience? 

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  1. It was lovely to meet at the awards, I just wish that I had of gotten the chance to talk to you properly xx

    1. It was lovely to meet you too and it was so sweet of you to remember my blog! ;) A shame we didn't get to speak more but let's plan to do it at the next event. Are you planning on going to Blogfest? xx

  2. Yes! Definitely more focus on writing and less on branding! Great point! :)

  3. Pre booking would have been a good idea or even 'shutting the doors' when events were full. I think there were a couple of sessions that could have been done more than once. I was really amused by how shy some bloggers were! Some people were so timid and I'm like, I've seen you in your PJ's - learned not everything you see online is real (I'm a slow learner).

  4. So sorry my mummy didn't catch up with you at #Britmumslive we agree about sitting on the floor for some sessions. We saw you too. Hope you are in a better place now x thanks for sharing your experience of the conference x #TheList

  5. I really enjoyed reading everyone's summaries of Britmums, even the low points and I definitely want to come along next year to join in the fun! #bigfatlinky xx


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