Thursday 7 May 2015

The General Election 2015: A day of hope!

The day is here, the UK general election of 2015! A day of hope, of expectations, of excitement, a vision of a better future and one in which our children will grow up in. A vote that can change so much!!! This year the election couldn’t be closer in terms of the outcome therefore it’s so important to go out and vote. 

In the last general election I followed the parties closely, watched the live debates, read several manifestos, stayed up past midnight and heard about the votes as soon as they came in. I was super duper on the ball. Now I have a little one, gone are those days of timeless hours spent on the election. To be honest, up until two days ago, I’d barely read a thing on any party or candidate. Then something struck and the excitement finally hit me, knowing that today people across the country are going out to vote for a fairer future. That feeling that your vote can make a huge difference! 

In the last few years, I’ve been disillusioned by the political parties. All of those expectations and hopes from the last election came to zilch. If you think your vote won’t make any difference or you think you have no interest in politics, as I once did, please think again. I’m passionate about politics because everything around us is connected. I dream that we have a supportive society, one where everyone is encouraged to reach their goals. I hope we have a country without discrimination, one full of equality, a country with free education, a greener environment, an efficient NHS which doesn’t have a mountain of bureaucracy, a society that encourages small businesses and one that awards not punishes those that work in the public sector, better childcare options, free nursery places for children of any age, longer maternity/paternity leave, my list goes on…

Of course that’s my dream and although we may be swayed by false promises and idealistic views let today be the day we dream big!

Happy voting :)

If you still don’t have any idea who to vote look at these quizzes to see which party matches your views more closely. You may be surprised! A short version or a longer version

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