Sunday, 21 September 2014

Baby boogie

Baby boogie is back at the local library this month! We have missed it over the Summer. In Brighton it’s held twice a month. I’m pretty sure there is something similar in libraries all over the UK, in the big towns at least. A library employee leads the session, singing all the popular nursery rhymes at the front of the class with mums and dads joining in, if they want to haha! Half way through the babies can choose any small musical instrument (great for small hands) and the singing continues. We have been going since baby was a few months old and we both love it. I think all babies love music though and it’s such a great source for development. In Brighton there is also a special Dads’ baby boogie every month which is a great idea as most groups are dominated by mums. It’s completely free as well which is always a bonus :) Is there something similar near you?


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